Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sunday may15th

Hi there.
Its been a long time love hate relationship with this blog of mine.
Bila baca balik catitan n coretan yg terpahat kat sini..rasa diri ini semakin berumur dan meningkat dewasa. Ye la..last post was around 2 years ago when I was an intern. N now dah masuk 2 years jadi frp.

It's raining tonight. Setelah gejala el nino selama beberapa bulan. Alhamdulillah. Kl selangor dah selalu hujan sekarang. Siap ade banjir lagi area bangsar haritu. Habis  kereta tenggelam. Nauzubillah.

Skg ni menghitung hari utk bff Anis Nabila punya wedding. Less than 2 months from now. Mesti nervous tu. Ye lah. Nk masuk alam perkahwinan kan. I wud feel the same too kalau majlis dah dekat. Huhu

Wedding. Marriage. I have a lot of perspective n expectation in this two words especially the latter. Scared, afraid, curious, nervous. Semua pun ada lah. I wonder how 2 people can cope n live under the same roof for years happily ever after. Will there be any cheating behind or arguments. Arguments tu normal. But whilst cheating is not common back in gears masa zaman tok nenek mak ayah kita dulu..these days it wudnt be the same. And im scared by it. Traumatized is a better word I guess for me. Just thinking about it break me down. Doa byk2 minta dijauhkan.

Instead of stories. I guess this place wud be my journal instead. Since these days people dont really hold n carry around a book or diary anymore..I guess a blog wud be sufficient.

My blog my journal.


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